The Number One Rule for Working with Non-Profit Organizations

Blogging-NonprofitIt takes a special individual, or group of individuals, to work with a non-profit organization. This is not because working with ‘not for profit’ groups are more difficult than working with ‘for profit’ corporations, but because it takes a firmer grasp of the organization’s history, purpose, and goals to properly plan and execute a non-profit’s maiden voyage into the online world of blogging and social media.

If I could only offer one rule to follow when discussing the implementation of online content and social media management, it would be the following: Know the organization, and what it stands for, like the back of your hand.

Before taking on a new non-profit client, I attempt to fully immerse myself in their organization. If it is for a museum, I will spend several days learning the ins-and-outs of the museum’s content and the museum’s history. If it is a religious organization, I’ll spend time reviewing its leaders, the organization’s previous endeavors, and why community (or worldwide) involvement is essential to its growth. I’ve even been known to volunteer–in the outdoors–so I can see firsthand the difference or progress the non-profit has on an individual and the betterment of mankind, as a whole.

Those looking to engage with non-profits, in an online capacity, expect a certain amount of authority on the subject at hand. Additionally, the person acting as the online-face of the organization has to be one that the organization’s followers can connect with on a personal level.┬áThe online masses will pick a fraud from the ‘social media pack’ immediately–a wolf in sheep’s clothing, if you will. For successful growth and a thriving online presence, don’t trust your online content and social media management to just anyone.

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