Social Media Management


“The goal of Social Media is to turn your customers into a volunteer marketing army.”

–Jay Baer

To be competitive in any market, social media is a must. It is what keeps people connected–not only to each other, but with companies. Nowadays, brand recognition and social media are one in the same. If the web isn’t retweeting your tweets, liking your status, or repinning your pins, you are in trouble.

Running a business is hard work. You’ve got enough going on with the day-to-day operations of your company to worry about updating your company’s Facebook status or ensuring that your most recent Yelp reviews are promoted.

For those of you that rely on search engine optimization and Google for your business needs, you may need to think again. In many instances, social media networks provide the number one incoming source of traffic for your website.


Social Media Traffic


Let a company with the desire and know-how keep your online presence at the top of its game. It isn’t enough to know how to change your status on Facebook or how to re-tweet a tweet on Twitter.

Do you know the optimal times to update your status?

Are you connected in a way that your social media networks can really thrive?

With so many social media networks, it can be a full time job trying to balance all of them properly. With so much on the line, let Memphis Content Management carry out your daily social media management.